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Taylor Trading Technique (TTT)

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Hello i would like ot share some interesting ideas about the Taylor Trading Technique i also currently found a
way to describe it in a automatic trading system for amibroker. I found the easylanguage code for the Taylor Trading System invented by Murray A. Ruggiero Jr in the book Traders` Secrets Psychological & Technical Analyses.

Which is a very rich book because it discuss both the systems of individual traders and there psychology.
Thanks to big mike for making a webinar with Adrienne Laris Toghraine, which made me interested in her books.

Ok so i will just post the source code for amibroker.
Maybe somebody can test it, to validate if the results are feasible right now they are just to amazing.
Maybe i have done something wrong with the system logic. I will check that and keep it updated.

Oh forgot to say i will code it in Multicharts.Net also just to test it with a second platform.
Right now it is working on daily data i will also try to code some intraday entry and exit strategies using the posted system as a daily trigger
for intraday decision.

I am looking at the AMI code and i dont see any relation to TTT in these 30 lines of codes

Please explain further the relation to TTT

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