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Forex as Futures Training Ground

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Started Trading Forex Live

First live trade in Forex taken on 5/8/2013. Five more taken through 5/16/2013. Thatís 6 wins, no losses for 35 pips.

Learned a lot since trading futures. Looking for small regular gains. I'm talkin' .5% per day; really small. It feels good to do it that way and it's working.

I'm not taking copious notes or analyzing stats carefully. I'm not doing a lot of highly organized prep work. I've learned a lot from other traders, in this forum and others. I'm mixing my own stew of tips and methods, watching fundamentals and technical indicators. My logical side says this is not the correct way to trade, but I'm somehow at peace with it.

It seems clear that one must cook up their own way of trading, just as one must navigate life, with their own decisions.

Best of trading to you and I'll report more later.

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