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Hello Zoethecus;

I have read all your posts on this subject, and it is obvious that you have a personal vendetta with these people. I have also read the posts on mypivotsdotcom, where I believe you also star. There are hundreds of companies that are doing the exact same, of which I can name many. It is a free economy, supply and demand, and as long as you have this you have companies offering their services and knowhow and you have people who are prepared to pay for this service.
You have not shown anywhere, that their system is not feasibly tradeable - and here I am not referring to the Autotrader, but the pure Viper System of trading. There are hundreds of people offering Autotrading but that is a totaly different story.
If you yourself are so proficient a trader, I would like to see a months trading journal of your live account to see just how successful you are at trading, and not just blasting others on a personal basis. I would also like you to dismask yourself and instead of hiding behind a psuedo name of Zoethecus, write you full name and address, so that we know who you are. I for instance write here under my full name, not behind any curtain.
Let me make it clear, that I do not know these people, but have enough experience of 40 years in the business, to see when someone attacks others on a non professional basis.
Mikes board is a fantastic achievement for the interaction of ideas, and the flow of information, but I do beleive that you have strayed from this objective.
Please see this as a contructive piece of advice and not a personal attack on yourself.

You are entitled to your opinion. And if you want to enrich the Viper owners be my guest. We'll be waiting here to learn about your success or lack thereof.

It is not up to me to prove their indicators are tradeable--that is their burden or anyone else who wants to defend them and can prove their claims. Nothing I say about these people is personal, it is all business and borne out by others who were paying members. In addition, I'm not selling anything and, therefore, have no need to disclose my trading records. Your logic is cockeyed. This is about Viper, not me.

And by the way, there is no "pure Viper system of trading." Viper is a hodgepodge of non-proprietary indicators that are no different than most others that give lagging information for DISCRETIONARY trading. All one has to do is spend 15 minutes in the Viper room to see that.

P.S. Just because there are hundreds of companies who sell pie-in-the-sky dreams to aspiring traders doesn't make it right.

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