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.efs text file to working NT code

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.efs text file to working NT code

Hi Programmers,

Looking if you could give me a price and delivery (approx.) it would great.

I have two (2) 2008 version .efs text files from esignal and I would like to convert it over to working NT7 indicator.

The larger files has about 7-8 (major) different criteria using advance decline and tick data. It uses calculations for pivot and a few other items. It uses all this to output a probable success rate of continued trend.
The second file using higher time frame stochastic and bar candle formations to produce a dot on the entry chart. Please let me know if you could do this and I can send the files.
Also, the text files are from unprotected files and are easy to follow to code, so .efs knowledge is not truly necessary.
If you are interested I can email you text files and an out put pic.
Thank You

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