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Vendors providing P&L PROOF!?

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Where the posted results also true from Winborn?

I can only say the results I saw for a few days in the room on winborn confirmed what the recent posted results showed. He does the whole NYSE session like Al Brooks. But I know that's only a few days I saw. From what I gather, there is no training, just calling trades in a room on a bare chart. His daily results:

I spent more time in valhalla , a couple weeks. Valhalla's room is free, but the host only calls trades and does not teach. But from what I could gather I felt I didn't need to pay 3k for his training course as I felt for me it was unnecessary since I've found my own ways to trade and I felt the host's style of trading didn't fit my own either.

I spent three months in Al Brook's live trading room. But as those of us who had been there know, and others may have heard, Al never calls trades, or marks entries and exits. Sometimes he may go over a few trades in recap. But he doesn't even mark entries or exits after the fact either. The learning process of entry location and managing ongoing trades is also effectively non-existent in his room as there are no precise entry examples.

There are probably other rooms out there of course that has pages of results. Eventually one can learn to sniff out which are legit and reflective of real trading. I have the feeling that Valhalla is live trading and not sim moreso than winborn. Of course impossible to tell as the results are not statements and one can't discern if the screen or calls are live trading. But among other rooms I've visited or trialed, these two were had the most sensible "proof" comparably.

Of course now that I think of it, I feel one many only need proof once from a successful trader. Then no need to after that. For me it was seeing CJBooth get winning trades in succession that convinced me it was doable. Whatever room , vendor site or method is explored one should decide for themselves if they can learn something there to help their own trading, proof or not, as most sites don't even bother with proof or a public trading journal, but have plenty of ad material.

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