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Decisionbar ( trading system

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Study comparison on the decisionbar

initiated the decisionbar on the charts today and believe a similar compare to the chaos fractal on the multichart, I changed the point plot to a line on upper and lower band and walla... a decisionbar break style indicator. also can optimize the single input. I pulled the simple 2 liner from the chaos fractal and turned her into a strat with an added bar count input . backtest results appear excellent. thought I would share and its free besides.

this is the original code, I replaced the "80" with an input "barstrength(80)" for added optimazation.




remember to change the point to line in the plot setting.

to strat replace the plot to buy next bar on val 1 , short on val 2
heres the strat:

INPUTS: barstrength(80), STRENGTH(2);

//go long
IF marketposition=0 and VALUE1>-1 and close is > value1 then buy next bar at market;
//for added confirm, i added "low > value1 and close > value1"
if marketposition=1 and close is < value1 the sell next bar at market:

IF markeposition=0 and VALUE2>-1 and close is < value2 then sellshort next bar at market;
if marketposition=-1 and low is > value2 then buytocover next bar at market;

this was by memory and my mind is shot, yet you get the idea, optimize and have fun.

Not a vendor, just a trader. I do not sell anything. Current studies involve EasyLanguage, Money Management and Technical Analysis. Do Enjoy: Fibs, S / R's , Eliotts, Cycles, Trends , Skews. Not Enjoy: fundamentals, Main St Media . It's all about keeping your emotions out of trading and work a system. Appreciate all insight as will be returned. Scotty B.
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