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I've noticed in the chat room that Gary and Charles are starting to show their live trades, and surprisingly enough they are profitable. But neither of them seem follow the viper rules. If Gary sees the DX go up or down quickly, he takes a 6E/6B trade in the opposite direction, with no regard to the viper line, swings, pivots or support/resistance lines. Charles gets into the trades late and gets out early. But from what they show, both of them are profitable. When Charles marks up the days chart, he shows the ideal entry and exit, unfortunately his live trades are much less profitable. I wonder why Gary says that Charles taught him everything he knows because Gary's live trades are much better than Charles'.

A couple more Charles comments...why does he have to talk over Gary? Why does he scream so much? He loves to hear his own voice I suppose. Charles is so condescending too, yelling out, "this is a no brainer, everyone should be in this trade." But it's after the move has happened and he probably missed it too. He also explained why he's always late to the chat room, it's because he doesn't like to trade from 9:30 to 9:45.

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