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What is your experience with TickStrike? (sound of the market) www.tickstrike.com

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Iīm currently doing a trial of TickStrike.

I was using only one instrument at first, CL. After a few days of using it I felt there was what can only be described as "lag" and if not lag, then an "insensitivity" issue. What I mean is that it just does not seem to react in time with order flow changes, if its not lagging a little bit late then it seems that it is certainly not sensitive enough to the order flow changes in the CL market. Donīt get me wrong, the lag/in-sensitivity is minimal, but I do trade using order flow and it certainly doesnīt seem in sync to me.

I wonder if anyone else experiences/thinks the same? If not maybe it is my connection to their server, but that always has a quality of A, and now and again B. Their built in tester confirms my connection is OK, and on the good side, so I do not think this is the issue.

This made me think to try it on another instrument to see if the same issue was there, so I signed up to test GC too. It certainly does seem more closely matched to the order flow of GC than CL, I have only had GC on a few hours though but it seems to be more in sync. Why is this I wonder?

The principle seems great, but as for actually seeing any real use, not too sure as yet. It is certainly OK for alerting of an instrument which starts to move, but as for accurately depicting order-flow, not convinced at all.

I would like to see some way of being able to adjust the sensitivity at user end - Not sure this is possible because currently TickStrike say that it learns based on market behavior, but my (limited) experience so far is that is it not closely in tune so needs tweaking at their end - Especially for someone who wants to trade London and US session of CL, it would need to have user end settings !

Regarding customer service, I had to send some mails and got very prompt and competent replies. Certainly no issues on that score - I will however be pointing out my issues as outlined in this post, so I wonder what their response will be - I will report back.

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