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How to get funded as a trader

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I'm wondering if anyone can help with some ideas on how to get funded for trading. If I have been positive trading every month for lets say 6 months to a year (on a sim account), are there any companies that would fund your trading and do a split of the profits? I know that TopStepTrading does something like this once you prove yourself, but I trade the DAX and that is not one of the markets that they trade. Any advise would be much appreciated. Thanks!

There are not many groups out there who will fund a paper trader. It is hard getting funded, even if you are trading with real money.

As @wldman said, your best bet is to get your own capital to trade. The added benefit of this is that since it is your capital, you might be more careful with it. Disadvantage is you might be too emotionally attached to it.

I hope you realize that sim trading is, at best, a poor substitute for real money trading. At worst, it is completely uncorrelated to real money performance.

If I had limited capital, I'd probably start with mini or micro Forex. Some places have it where 1 pip = 10 cents. You could then bump your size up as you made profits.

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