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Market Profile Trading Academy / MissTrade's Matt Davio - Ask Me Anything (AMA)

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@MissTrade, I just watched all your videos posted here during the afternoon Matt. Thank you for sharing; the information is very helpful. A couple of questions:

1) I also use market profile quite a bit so I'm familiar with the methodology. A couple of times you talk about time opportunity and price opportunity. Can you more clearly define this? I tend to think of them as being interconnected in such a way that they cannot be separated. For example, I may see a price which has before been considered unfairly high or low, so that price presents an opportunity. However, I cannot trade that price except at certain time (and given a certain liquidity), hence time opportunity. So, I need the market to actually trade at that price so that there is both a price and time opportunity together (hence a TPO). In your "Trading shouldn't control your emotions" video you say early in the video that you "wanted to wait for time" to get short NQ. Can you be more specific about what this means to you?

2) As a general risk question--do you objectively decide when you are done trading for the day by using a hard, line in the sand loss limit (or weekly loss limit), or have you developed a more "in tune with yourself" approach so that you are able to know after a few losing trades that it's just not working today (or even this week)? Any insightful information you have on how to mentally frame losses, and how to overcome the tendency to want to be right on every trade (impossible, of course, easy to realize, not so easy to really accept) would be welcome.

Thanks again for the videos, I really enjoyed watching them!

Bump for Josh's questions, especially the one about wanting to "wait for time" .

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