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anyone looked at the trading zone?

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Quite a few years ago. I have been (bought and paid) to most of them out least most of what was out there 5 or more years ago.

TTZ is and remains more hype than anything else. You are given a lot of reading material, setup tools, a dvd course, and everything is triple secure against the boogie man. First - there are no secrets in trading. Keeping something very private does not mean it works better than something else. Also, having a private cheering crowd with all kinds of secret hidden names and signal words to make it sound very mysterious does not make anything work better.
So, save your money. Everything taught at TTZ can be found in this blog or anywhere on the internet....for free. Lately I have noticed that TTZ is adopting a shotgun a scalper,,,now an auto trader,,,now an auto trading system...geez ...whats next?

What most traders need is a mentor, a trading buddy, someone who has gone down the road ahead of you and can help as a guide. All the rooms and all the courses will not do what you have to do for yourself. The way to learn to trade is to trade. Study the many methods and approaches offered here, then pick something that strikes your fancy and start there.
Realistically...give it a few years minimum. Practice all your setups, money management, and get a consistent approach to the market going in sim. Once you have your stuff down, test it in strict sim - take an 'ACID TEST" and see how you do. If you pass...then start small and slow with reasonable daily gains. You are going for consistency first. Consistently wrong can be fixed. Erratic spontaneous impulsive approaches to trading cannot be fixed.

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