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TST Combine results and strategies for passing

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TST Combine is more for... scalpers

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"The Max Drawdown is the largest realized cumulative loss allowed in your Trading Combine... Should you hit or exceeded this value, the Combine account will not be eligible for a deposit refund or considered for funded-trader status. For example, in a $30K Combine the Max Drawdown is $1,500. Therefore, if at the end of any trading day your Account Balance appearing on your Trade Report is $28,500 OR below, the Max Drawdown is considered hit."

That is the definition from their website. The key words here are "realized" and "end of day", unless they don' t really mean what you think they mean.

The more I am looking at these restricting combine rules the more I see that a trading approach there is most
appropriate for scalpers with options or only small margined futures. The max. DD is limited to 5% from initial balance.
If you are used to have more than say 2 consecutive trades hitting your WIDE SL then that combine is nothing to look for.
Example: Trading the DAX (which is happily not possible to trade on with TST) would mean that only scalpers could
make some good - of course with lots more of commission ;-)
Trading that with SL settings of GFIs1 would mean that you are OUT after two negative trades in a row! For certain
systems one is looking for developing a trade and not to limit that one with a tight SL. If there is already a negative
trade in the history - the next one should use a "tighter" stop - and that one would be hit nearly 100% and is evt. against
the rules. (GFIs1 SL settings are 30 points which means 750 EUR or minus 2,5% for ONE car in a combine).
Over all - the "wider" trading systems where price is making more up and down before closing a trade - are NOT
good for a combine! Only the short time / small movement (on both sides) trades with high expectancy to be positive
have a chance to get rewarded.

So a responsible trader should think twice to put money, sweat and risk into a 5% max. risk combine where only luck
within a positive period could prevent from frustration.


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