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Hi Marcelogil,

After I did about 6 months of simulated trading there was not something clicking with his trading style. I can't put my exact finger on it but it seemed like I was getting worse instead of better. The way he taught how to read the price action just didn't click with me so I was taking losing trades more often than I should have been. I'm being somewhat sarcastic in that I definitely didn't get worse than when I first started but it sure did feel that way b/c I wasn't able to pick up on how to read the price action the way he was teaching it.

One day I was on another trading forum and this one guy was talking about Mack and his Price Action Trading. I went to take a look at some of his videos and a light bulb went off. I understood what he was trying to teach even if I cannot correctly implement it right now. It always seemed confusing and like I wasn't making enough progress in Marcello's system. Maybe Marcello's system enabled me to understand Mack and what he is teaching. I do not know. All I know is Mack's teaching style makes perfect sense to me where Marcello's did not. I never had that "light bulb" go off when trying to trade using Marcello's teachings.

I had tried to read Al Brook's books before and I loved the concepts of price action trading but I didn't really understand what Al was trying to convey so I never ran with it.

I'm a big fan of Mack and his teachings which you can see in my trading blog on here. Marcello may be better for some people than Mack will be, that is up for them to decide. I'm not advocating one over the other. All I have done is give my opinion about my experiences with each of them.

Feel free to ask any other questions.

" Thank you very much your comments.
About Mack“s method, yesterday i bought his manual, i am really liking the reading. Let me know ii you are available to discuss about it "

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