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How often does this happen?

MichaelTrading20 View Post
I raised some of the same issues but frankly this is a problem with the industry not just one company. I actually decided recently to join them and found it to be quite refreshing in comparison to most companies in this industry. I attended many sessions before I joined and one of the things that I like the most is that they have actual students teaching classes. There must be over 10 students that are trading live and making money most of whom I spoke to before joining the program.

All sales aside I think that the company may be one of the different ones in the industry. I would be happy to talk about my own success with DTA if anyone is interested in discussing it. Every company has its negatives and positives and being someone that has bought quite a few programs I would say that they are one of the best in the industry

LOL! I bet this type of behavior is very rare in the trading vendor world..

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I'll save you the $2000. I was able to recreate their charts with some simple trial and error looking at their videos.
The Yellow Line is a Moving Linear Regression set at 89ish.
The band is a Keltner channel with the middle line set to EMA 55ish. with prob around a 3.5 multiplier to the upper & lower band.
Take trades with momentum off the middle EMA, with a tight stop, that's it!
You of course can learn all of this yourself with the tools and wonderful people right here at (formerly BMT).
Now stare at the price action everyday for a few weeks and you will see how it all works.

Take yourself and the family out to a nice dinner with the money you saved.

Who cares? You can study it all you want but its likely worthless IMO because the guy teaching it has no evidence he knows how to use it real time or if its even a real tradeable edge.. I've mentioned this many many times and it never ceases to amaze me that there are always so many naive people paying for what is obvious BS.. and then defends it, because now their own ego is tied to their bad judgement.. Always stay with this rule if you're going to pay... evidence! Show statements or real time results and ideally both.. because there is no shortage of BS.. Here's the bottom line for those wanting to learn day trading: THERE IS NO EDGE THAT IS HUGE.. EVERY EDGE YOU HOPE TO CAPTURE WILL BE SOMEWHAT MARGINAL. THEREFORE, THE PROFITABILITY IS IN THE EXECUTION.. W/O SOMEONE SHOWING YOU REAL TIME, YOU HAVE TO LEARN THE OLD FASHION WAY AND PUT IN SCREEN TIME 1'ST SIM THEN LIVE.. TRIAL AND ERROR.. PICK UP SOME TIPS FROM OTHER EXPERIENCED TRADERS AND PRACTICE AND CREATE YOUR OWN JEET KUNE DO..

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