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Bob Volman - Price Action Scalping

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Just a couple observations.

there's is no "easy" versus "difficult" trading. No "less risky" versus "more risky." It's all the same risk and difficulty
no matter which product or market you are in. It makes no difference whether you decide to get involved with Forex,
commodity futures, stocks or options. It's important to understand this, otherwise you are really starting off on the wrong foot.

A couple points about Volman's book. Volman himself is a discretionary trader. This makes it very difficult for someone else to try to "mimic"
or follow what he does. Two individuals can get widely different results trying to trade the same system on a discretionary basis.
his book is good at teaching some basic concepts of price action and providing a collection of setups which can give you ideas of how to proceed with your own strategy. Your best chance of success is
to take a few of his ideas and tweak them so that they work for you, rather than trying to follow his procedure "verbatim."

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