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Market Profile Trading Academy / MissTrade's Matt Davio - Ask Me Anything (AMA)

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Mike I do trade the NQ mainly because it has traded wider than the ES for the past 6-9 months, and the wider moves offer me as an intraday trader more opportunities intraday than the ES right now.


Maybe the range as a function of the index price is greater for the nasdaq, but it looks like so far in 2013 the NDX range is averaging about 25 points a day, and at $5 per NQ tick, this yields a per contract high to low average of about 25*$20 = $500 per day. (I used NDX range which should be almost identical to NQ as I don't have an NQ chart up)

ES is averaging about 11.25 per day, and thus has a contract dollar range of 11.25*$50 = $562 per day.

Taking into account the spread being a bit over twice as high for ES, they come out about even in terms of high to low dollar opportunity per day, given an average number of trades.

So I suppose if one's strategy somehow depends on the movement of the index as a percentage of the index value, then NQ may be more advantageous, but in terms of sheer dollar opportunity per contract per day based on the range, ES comes out the winner, if only slightly.

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