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What Training courses you have please give me your review

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Advanced Trading Workshop Review

About a year ago I bought the 101A course from the Advanced Trading Workshop. I paid quite a bit for it, but since it has doubled in price.

First off, I do not recommend this to anyone, unless you want to waste your money. Though to be fair I'll give both the positives and negatives of what I saw.

If you sign up for the free trial, you will be consistently harassed by Brian, who is the salesperson of the room or ATW Help. He will keep trying to invite you into a private session and give you a sales pitch "we want to get to know you better". Also, every morning both Andy and Brian try to make a sales pitch to everyone on the free trial and those who have already bought the course because everyone is stuck in the same room. I feel sorry for those who bought the course because to hear the same thing every day is very frustrating.

When you buy the 101A course you get three months of the same room that you were in on the trial, but you still see the same thing. You also get access to the 101A course only room, but I can tell you nothing much ever happens in there and what you see in the free trial room you also see in the 101A course owners only room.

With the purchase of the course you also get access to the video archive, which has quite a few videos, I think around 150, it goes back about 2 1/2 years. Most of the videos are a repeat of the same thing. If you see it one time you will not learn anymore than that, the stuff is very easy to understand, I don't understand why they need 20 videos on each subject. The videos that you can watch on the free trial is pretty much what you will see when you buy the course, so don't be fooled when they say they have so much more training on this "subject" when you buy the course, because that is just not true. If you understand it and can explain it to a total stranger, then watching the video a couple more times will not help. I say this because Andy says everybody should watch the videos several times each, but is will not help you become a better trader, people wish it were that easy. Also, you lose access to the videos after the 3 months is up, which in my opinion is kind of a scam, because you bought the course and they don't let you have access to the vidoes anymore after you paid for them.

Now to the systems. With the course you get several systems, including the AC300, AC400, ACRX, ACChannel, and several more, but those are the main ones. I can tell you don't buy the course because of the systems, you will be very disappointed. All the systems are is just a moving average, Bollinger bands, channels, and the MACD. You can look at their charts and replicate the results if you wanted to. The colors are nothing special either, it's just based off of the MACD. They also make such a big deal about divergence trading. If you trade a pivot divergence, meaning two pivots it's about a 50% win rate, so pretty random, maybe a triple pivot divergence is about 60%. It's a joke when Andy goes on webinars to make a sales pitch and goes through a day showing how effective that technique is, but after the fact and real time are completely different. Of course after the day is done if you see a divergence trade it is always a winner, because the divergence disappears if it was a losing trade, you'll know what I mean if you watch the markets real time.

They also put an emphasis on VSA or volume spread analysis. The problem is they look at 1 minute charts. In really volatile and fast moving markets a 1 minute might make sense, but most of the time is does not. If you focus on a 1 minute chart you will get destroyed. You will see a lot of reversals and most will fail, and the ones that don't you still won't make much. If you look at enough bars of course you will see some buying or selling, so if one bar out of twenty bars shows some selling your going to sell, I can tell you that's a bad idea.

On the positive side some people really like the ATW. They will stand up and tell you how much value there is in the ATW and the course is way underpriced. BTW, the 101A course lists for $4,995. It's funny how those same people still need to subscribe to the trading room after years, which costs $200/month.

My final thought and advice is to not to waste your time or money on the ATW. I wish I had read a review like this then I could have avoided that pitfall also. If you really want, sign up for the 30 day free trial, nobodies stopping you everyone has a free choice of what he or she does.

After looking at the ATW and many other sites I can honestly tell you what is offered at this site Big Mike's Trading forum is worth so much more than all the Advanced Trading Workshop courses and products combined.

Here's more reviews on the ATW: http://traderopinions.com/indicators/advanced-trading-workshop-aka/

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