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dom64, I'm not claiming that we are not doing things in a non standard way. However, that doesn't make it inaccurate. I've tried to explain how volume aggregation results will be different if you start aggregating the volume at a different start time. This is generally a problem with all volume aggregation methods. We allow the user to define custom start time, and I still suggest that if you define your custom start times to match your contract specs then it may align the bars. It is not an issue we're ignoring but we've researched extensively and tried to explain. Having said that, I have tested our product against several other programs when the results didn't match and in every case was satisfied with our results.

There are many research papers which identify this same problem with any sort of volume measure which is the sensitivity to the start time. If you start aggregating perfect 5k volume bars and you do that 3 contracts off then every bar will be different. And, as I mentioned to you, we'll continue to research how we can better align our bars but based on my research, I'm satisfied they are accurate.

It is understanding our product will only appeal to a "niche" market. We have many customers who are completely satisfied. Sorry it didn't work out for you.

I don't think this is the place to debate whether or not volume displayed on your tool is correct . I am well aware that volume will differ if you look at different time period, I am talking about comparing apple to apple, there is no need to make it sound like you tried to explain that, but I was too thick to understand it.

I am delighted to see people are totally satisfied with your offer, this was not for me indeed, as when presented with the options of equal things, I go with the much more reasonably priced one if there is such an option, as there are much cheaper and just as good alternatives out there.

This is just my opinion, as this is a place to review vendors and products, and I am therefore entitled to say what I think on the matter and anyone interersted should check for themselves as opposed to believe what I say, as I might well be some crazy guy who doesn't know anything I am talking about as it has been seen before on the Internet.

Voilą, good luck to you.

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