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Experiences with Collective2

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The common thread among IB, TWS, Hitchhiker and "annoying" is provision of service. Up to and including the destruction of the planet in the case of Hitchhiker.

I like Douglas Adams' ironic sense of humour (he wrote HitchHiker's Guide) and his other stories, and am thoroughly satisfied with IB even if TWS' need to shut down every 24 hours (avoidable by use of IB Gateway) and IB's need to reboot their servers at midnight EST drives me nuts because it potentially stresses my own homemade strategies that run continuously.

I enjoyed your webinar tonight enough to consider running the 3 pair Forex strategy since glimmers of the "expert follower" still exist in me .

Since it's served by a third party sought to research the 3rd party, the only unknown in the equation. I was interested in @gonzofist's remarks as another service provider (the apparent lack of warning in his post the trigger for my remarks, since even though scheduled I consider the interruption in IB service I've learned to live with an annoyance), wondering if you have any complaints about Collective2 as a platform.

I've been a member at Collective2 since 2005, nearly the beginning. The service has certainly come a long way since then. It still has issues from time to time, and sometimes accessing the website is annoyingly slow. Once in a while, I could not get in at all. But that has not happened recently.

I auto trade one system on there (my own), and in 7 months or so of doing so, there was only one time when my system went out of sync (due to a holiday open, where Tradestation forex opened a few hours before my C2 forex broker FXCM opened). Other than that, it has worked pretty well. I've never noticed significant delays between when I send an order, and when C2 broker fills it. But, I haven't checked every fill to see if this is the case.

Notably, with that particular system, I do simple market orders in, and market orders out. Very simple. Trades last days, so that reduces the opportunities for error. I'd be a little more scared running a high frequency strat there.

I have a couple other systems there that use stop orders, etc. They have more issues, but that is from developer to Collective2, not from Collective2 to end user broker.

All things considered, I think Collective2 does a good, but not perfect, job for the market it is in. I've used other signal provider services, and I find them comparable on number of issues, performance, etc.

I hope this helps!

P.S. I do recall the recent planned "unplanned" outage, and people complaining after the fact, which they rightly deserved to. It did not impact me. Years ago, I had a case where I had to hold an ES position over the weekend, because I could not get into their website. So, yes, these things do happen, and if the trading strategy was high frequency or relied on precisely timed entries/exits, your performance might be negatively impacted.

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