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Hi @Big Mike,

Is there anyway now or possibility to have a user option to set the number of new post results lines displayed on one page (currently fixed at 25) ?

(Similar to the user option to set number of posts in a thread to display before splitting which is already in the user options, personally I'd be happy to share the same number for both.)

futures.io (formerly BMT) runs so fast that I know I'm just getting greedy but with such a high volume of posts it would make fast clicking off the screen even slicker with reduced scrolling of the initial tab (this is noticeable e.g. on page 2 of a split new posts results showing say 10-12 lines but page 1 showing the full 25.)

Just realised this is because I like to read in reverse time order and there's probably already an option to switch this in which case excuse while the dumbass goes to look....

Edit 2 : There doesn't appear to be an option to reverse the time order of new posts results but this would be a great alternative as well. I would love either if there's any chance.

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