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What Training courses you have please give me your review

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Fort McMurray, AB, Canada
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how do I say this

excellent idea to get some feedback early on. I have some opinions along this line, but I won't give any negative response in this site with names attached.

Suffer to say, that the $2500 and up courses are not necessary to begin with in your study and maybe never will be. Stay away from brick and mortor schools that have built in overhead, as much can be obtained with live webinars or two day hotel seminars that will be more the real market price.

Money back within a period is good, to me it speaks of a persons confidence that he/she will impart something in the allotted time and release you if you just can't fit to them.
This may not be available from bigger places with many sales staff to feed.

Some people will bad mouth a place maybe because it does not fit with their mindset, there are many takes on this business. (scalp vs swing, risk size, which market etc)
Try to do demo's first and don't get in a big hurry to sign up on a deal, they will come around again with offer reductions. Scale in with a small package first, make sure it is credited to a scaled-up offer.

Someone who stresses account management / money management and helps with an understanding of psychological barriers / traps is almost necessary as this is the reality you will face without them.
good luck

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