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Anybody heard of topsteptrader (review)

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Furthermore, there is always sequencing in executing trades, meaning always the first trade in gets exited first, no matter that you set up the limit order for the second entry.

For example I am long 1 ES contract from 1520. It pulls back 2 points so I go long with another contract at 1518. Now when the price goes back to 1520, I want to exit the 2nd entry with 2 points gain, but it doesn't matter if I change the limit price on that OCO order to 1520, the first entry will be executed first and it will be a break even trade.

I find this distracting because I specially set the limit order for the second entry and I wanted to keep the first entry longer so it could go into profit and help with the statistics... But whatever I try, first in first out if they are the same futures contract...

Edit: I have just found that Brian from T4 has a thread so I addressed this issue there....

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