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eminiTickFactory.com Integrity Index Indicator for Free ($2495 if you insist)

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Micheal Paul Kanuika with previous company names in the past 6-7 years including but NOT LIMITED to:

and the latest being alphatrendsoftware.com

There was one more before these for sure but I can't remember the name of it. He at one time was trying to do an MLM to get people involved with his traderoom stuff by paying a monthly fee and sponsoring others to do the same and that was around 2004-2005 I want to say. Back then, I knew NOTHING about trading so anything that came out of this guy's mouth sounded great to me and his information sounded like it MUST BE SO but all of that was simply because I knew nothing about trading so when he was playing with his charts back then and not showing any sort of trades etc, I just trusted what he was saying, he was doing because he sounded like an honest guy with they types of things he was saying. He is merely a salesman and has been for a long time.

Fast forward a few years later, he found me on his old list and contacted me and said he now had the HOLY GRAIL of trading and he was crushing it day after day and he promised 50 pips a day every day with no problem trading the Russel and he would give his hold grail for just $1500. He said he would PROVE it over 4 days and if not, we would get our money back. He just asked for folks to come to his webcast for a couple of hours a day and he would show us how it was done! Of course, we had to pay first but we could trust him right??

Well, by then I had learned A LOT more about trading - not nearly what I know now thanks to futures.io (formerly BMT) and other sources - but since Mike was offering this GUARANTEE to show he could do what he could and he would teach it, I couldn't pass it up. My previous recollection of him made him seem like a good guy so I thought it would be money well spent. Well, now that I had trading knowledge and I could track what he was saying easily, it was CLEAR he could not trade well AT ALL and he MOST CERTAINLY was not making 50 ticks a day! In fact, I am sure of the 3 days he spent "trading" at least two of the days he lost and maybe he squeaked out a decent day on 1 of the days of maybe 20 ticks. When I questioned about getting my money back, there was NO WAY that was going to happen. The backpeddling was on as fast and furious as it could be and and the excuses were flying. I had a major disdain for him after that because I realized he was totally full of it now and he had been doing this for years.

Back then, just like now, he speaks in a soft voice and spends a great deal of time talking about psychology and stress and being mentally right etc. He spends less time talking about trading and more about that but it is merely a distraction to have you TRUST him more etc and act like he cares about you as a person. His charts have I would say is around 25 indicators on each of them including several indies, support and resistance, channels, many EMAs, and he has a unique name for all of them despite all of the them being something you can get here for free and they are all just basic tools. As previously mentioned, this guy is a master of taking tools from others and repackaging them and calling him his own and constantly reminds you that NO ONE has a system like this one and the price he is selling it for is practically a GIFT as if he is doing it virtually for charity as with one day, you will make it back because after all, this is merely a video game to play and create money once you have his system down! LOL Yes, he actually says that!

The biggest joke is to be in his room which I recommend for entertainment but not if you want to learn to trade.

1st of all, there is no charttrader or DOM so you can forget the idea of validating that he is trading at all and if you know anything about trading, you will realize he is NOT doing any trading, he is just trying to sell his wares by appearing to know what he is talking about with providing constant analysis of all of this various tools on the chart, that if he were a professional trader, he would obviously never have all that stuff. They are for show obviously to make it appear he has something special and for folks who have never traded, and I am sure those are his prospects, because anyone with experience would laugh at his charts with all that crap on them.

I would say 70% of his calls are called in hindsight of what he failed to get into on a trade saying things like "you see where this was an excellent trade back here that I failed to get into because I was distracted helping someone log in but if I would have been paying attention that would have been an excellent trade as you can see and we would be up 30 pips by now. You can see how clear and easy that trade was..." Meanwhile, when asked why folks online cannot be displayed to see their questions or validate feedback, he says that is FAR too distracting because he is concentrating on trading etc. Those hindsight situations happen a lot but since he is talking most of the time with his analysis there is no way he could have been too distracted to do anything. But that is the excuse he uses for missing out on a lot of HUMDINGERS that were a "piece of cake to see" of course.

When he does make a call of being in a trade he will say things like "I am short 68" and when you hear that, the PA is already at 63 or so thus he can say he is in a good trade. If it snaps back, he always claims to break even or lose 1 pip as if trailing 3 pips which is simply ludicrous but he will tell you he PULLED IT IN quickly because of something he saw here or there on one of his charts etc. He is always trying to save face which, to someone who doesn't know trading, sounds pretty good.

You will hear him say, "there is your short entry at 79", and then if it doesn't work out, his classic line will be " I didn't take that one because this indicator over here on this chart was doing this so I stayed out of it". He will pull something over so he can validate some sort of rationale and to the unsuspecting, it might sound like a good point but it is just him covering for a bad call. We all know on charts with 25 indicators you can ALWAYS find a reason NOT to take a trade so he uses that when he calles a bad trade and then says he didn't take it.

Of course, if that call works out, then he WAS IN IT all along of course.

Here is what is funny... While he is apparently watching any number of several charts, including the 2 he is showing you, you can hear his computer generating all kinds of noises I am sure associated with his software but he never mentions anything about that and when asked why those noises are there but there are no noises from Ninjatrader as he is "trading" it is because, of course, he is executing from another computer that is a rip roaring state of the art monster fast machine... Of course he is... While he is constantly moving the mouse around on the screen he is broadcasting to you watching several charts AND executing from another computer... SURE he is. Even if he was, what is the problem with keeping the noise on? It is because he is not trading obviously as if it isn't obvious already just listening to him.

He is acting like he is getting questions from folks in the room and given the nature of the some of the questions, he is probably talking to legit folks that he is trying to sell in helping them believe he has something. However, other times, he is acting like he has comments coming in singing his praises as he has made them rich beyond their wildest dreams since knowing him and getting his system I am sure these folks who are rich are there in his room still just to sing his praises. It is pathetically obvious it is all made up and he is not talking to anyone when that is happening but it is all part of the show.

I was checking him out for a total of 3 days recently and of course, 2 of those days before he opened the room he had already made a bucketload of ticks according to him as they all do right? We are so lucky he is taking the time to show us, via his 5th or 6th company name and latest iteration of software hold grail, how to play this video game and PRINT money while he graces us all with his dialogue of 1000 different things to be watching (but it is really easy with his software you know) so we can print our money and all be rich in 2 hours of trading a day.

Also, he only calls himself Michael Paul now and I can only imagine his name is pretty soiled in other places and is easy to find with a last name like Kanuika. It doesn't surprise me at all that he works really hard at only accepting money orders or cashiers checks etc.

I realize there are more charlatans than legit traderooms out there, but obviously, as you can tell, this is one that irks me probably because he really works to act like he cares for you until he gets you to spend your money. Don't take my word for it, you can observe for free for a few days.

I haven't posted much on futures.io (formerly BMT) to date, but I did want to say something here because I was having trouble finding anything on him on futures.io (formerly BMT) and I want to make sure folks come across this if they do a search. Perhaps the beginning of this thread can be updated to include his latest name of alphatrendsoftware.

Thanks for taking the time.

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