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My question is -- do the events listed cover most of your requirements when it comes to needing to know the reports of the day? I believe the answer is yes, but looking for feedback from others before proceeding as it is quite some work involved.


This sounds good Mike, though sites like forexfactory and bloomberg, etc., have consensus, prior readings, revisions, and pretty quick posting of the numbers, so my guess is that anyone who cares about the numbers and does not simply want a reference to the time will probably use those other sites. In other words, you might not want to pour a ton of work into it until you make sure that others will actually use it. To be honest, unless it had the same features and did a better job than forexfactory, which is quite sufficient, then I probably would not personally use it.

As far as the actual news items, financial traders may want to see the government debt auction times, especially for the 10 yr and the like. And, having a reminder of what's coming up in China and the eurozone might appeal to some (like the Chinese manufacturing and GDP numbers which are always market moving in the US overnight session, and like Italian and Greece bond auctions). Basically, what FF has is good, except they for some reason do not have the Dallas Fed number which I like to see. I'm not sure many folks would care about the agricultural news events, though maybe there are more ag traders here than I'm aware of.

As always, thanks for the amount of work you put into the site. You keep things constantly moving and shaking, and it's much different from most other sites that function exactly the same (and as poorly) as they did 5 years ago.

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