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You are correct. The thing that I find strange is that Nathan promotes TI, yet trades using (formerly BMT) indicators. If TI indicators and systems were so good they why would you need to look elsewhere? ( the reson is simply beacuse TI signals do not work!). The indicators developed on this site outclass TI's. These indicators make money and generally trade with the trend, as opposed to TI's divergence setups, which end up losing more often than not.

It's the same as if you had a Ford dealership, however you drove around in a GM car. Surely this sends the wrong message out. Have you no faith in your own products. How can you expect others to buy your products, if you don't drive (trade) them yourself!

Nathan, you should try listening to Dale call signals, while you have a second trading room on at the same time (on 2 separate PC's). If you did this, you would then realise how bad the TI calls really are, and how many good trading opportunities you have missed out on as you have been waiting for Dale to call a signal. If Dale is so good, then howcome he only trades in sim? and how come he exits trades with only a 2 or 3 tick profit?

Hmmmm, something to think about.

I have an idea for the perfect system .... take the worst performing system you can find (TI's or anyone's system you feel is a really excellent at creating tax write offs) and simply trade against it!!! Hummm .... I might have to research this one a bit - sounds like a winner to me.

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