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Bob Volman - Price Action Scalping

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mwtzzz View Post
Can you provide statistics?

total number of trades:
number of wins:
number of losses:
max drawdown:

Since Volman's method uses a predefined profit and loss, I'm assuming each of your wins is the same dollar amount, as are each of your losses. Otherwise if you could include those stats as well?....

Since I did not test exactly what Volman puts forth in his book (for example, I did not use 70 tick charts [only 6 months of that data available in Tradestation], I tested with Euro futures, not Euro forex [testing with forex gets tricky with bid data stream and limit/stop orders], I have to, in fairness to the author, refrain from showing my preliminary results.

If I ever test exactly what Volman puts forth, I will gladly share all statistics.

Like mwtzzz, I'd love to see any comprehensive test results from anyone on this method. It would save me a lot of time!

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