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TST Combine results and strategies for passing

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I want to thank Pedro and everyone who gave constructive input on this thread topic but to those that slammed him, WTF. He is just sharing his insights to help people pass the combine. I don't understand why people have to attack or insult, and to the one that says he wouldn't want him anywhere near his trading port? really? Cause it sounds like Pedro was profitable. Maybe you can find a losing trader for your account and see how that works for you.

Who is slamming who now? I think that Pedro could benefit from looking inward rather than blaming external factors for his performance. Trading is a personal journey of discovery - and most of the discovery is about oneself. As pointed out by a number of posters, rather than concentrate on the (external) factors that a combiner must meet in order to receive their funding, it would be more beneficial for the outcome of his trading record if he were to concentrate on taking good opportunities and managing risk. The factors will take care of themselves. And as I pointed out if he really has a concern about the "average time in winners vs average time in losers" he can ask to have that condition removed should he do another combine.

Let me pose a question. Why does the TST Scouting Requirements have these conditions? My simple answer is this: they have determined that the successful candidates meet them and provide them to the recruit to get an understanding of what it takes in order to succeed. A simple glance at these stats show that a combiner must NOT be a scalper - that they must trade conservatively as pointed out by Iankotze in his post on trading gold, find some intraday moves and hold for a profit which is at least 1.5x the risk on the trade. The average risk - reward for successful recruits is a minimum of 1.5 : 1.

Pedro - my advice - which you're certainly free to ignore - would be to stop blaming TST and concentrate on developing your trading skills. Good luck with your trading.

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