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TST Combine results and strategies for passing

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If I was a wise backer, I would want a day trader while profitable, also demonstrates a daily disciplined proven limit in his drawdown.

I don't have a problem with the DD rule. I really don't like the Duration rule, because:

1. It is irrelevant.
2. As I showed in this thread, it is easy to manipulate. Just throw in quick losers, and it brings down your average losers' duration.
3. Another poster pointed this out in other thread: You can have a very long trade where you sit on profits for 95% of the length of the trade, but eventually it turns back on you and you can end up with a small loser, with a very long duration. That will screw up your stats for sure.

Another rules are also can be senseless, because of the particular trading style. As I said above, a small winning percentage can be perfectly fine, as long as the trader's winners are big compared to the losers. And that's what the backer would want, stay in some of the winners long so they can grow...

Another rule is the average winner vs. loser. What if my average winner is slightly smaller than the average loser, but my winning percentage is 80%? That means I am making money 3 times out of 5....

So all in all, I can see that with the extra rules they might try to get more disciplined traders, but if you look at each rule alone, you can see the fault in their thinking....

They could keep the rules but make most of them not obligatory to follow. They could say: we only care about the profit target and the DLL to pass the Combine, but in case we have more candidates who passed the Combine, we will prefer the ones who got closer to pass all parameters.

And as a last question: What is the point of having so many parameters and rules, but once you pass the Combine you are still not automatically backed? One would think after you followed so many rules, your trading style should be good enough to be backed...

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