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TST Combine results and strategies for passing

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OK My advise for passing the combine

So I will pass on my advise for getting through the combine, I have passed it twice and am about to pass it the third time now.

First of all, you must know your market and feel content in with your trading and the platform. I did 10 combines before I got funded the first time in Gold. Back then I was new to futures and came to trading futures because I was bored sitting around all day doing nothing whilst trading options. That was a big mistake because I over traded a lot. Lost a lot of money by simple execution errors and me not knowing the T4 and what not. Tried many different markets before I found one that suited my character and trading style.

So I say before you even start a combine, do some trading with their practice account and get familiar with the T4 and how your product moves on that platform.

Then when it is game time, combine. I have come to see that trading small and trading less is the way to go. When I started out I did 30 to 50 trades a day, now I only do about 4 trades a day.

I have always traded only 1 contract when trading things like gold or crude, 2 when trading es and so on. I am talking about the 50k account here.

My strategy is to take what I can here and there, once or twice a week when I am there and the market is providing opportunity with a nice fat trend day I will hold onto my trades for a long time, this brings all the statistics in line. I don't care about those process goals because they come in line in the end if you have a trend day or two during a 10 day combine where you hold onto a winner for 2 -4 hours or so. So I am basically hitting base hits with small winners and losers, winners are more often shorter time duration than losers but your trend day will sort that out in the end.

I have done this successfully with gold and the ultra bond and will be adding crude in the next two days. Just trade small and don't trade too much. I mean go for daily goal and shut it down. With crude and gold etc, this is 35 ticks on 1 contract. This can be done with 1 or 2 trades. Shut it down. Look at the market and plan for the big move that will set up sometime during the week, there will be a major level or event that will move that market 200 ticks on a day, so rather plan for that trade and make the most of it. As for every day just go for target shut it down and then get your super day where you get 1k or more on the day, that will sort out all process goal criteria as well us bring you back up to target profit wise if you were lagging behind.

Hope that helps,

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