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Anyone here a consistent winner with PROVEN results?

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You are not the first and will certainly not be the last person to come here asking the same question. Finding someone elses system and using it is not what will make you profitable. I know this is not what you want to hear and will almost certainly go looking elsewhere if and when you don't hear what you want to hear here.

There are some very experienced, knowledgeable and helpful traders on this forum. Because they have "made it" as you say (or are on the right path), they realize that giving you a system to follow blindly will not make you a successful trader.

Here's something for you to consider:
On one hand you have huge firms involved in trading who invest billions of dollars in research & development of trading systems. They have some of the smartest mathematicians, scientists, programmers etc on the planet working for them. These guys are quite literally experts in their field and have billions of dollars backing them.

Then on the other hand you have retail traders. (Im leaving out prop firms because I feel they have additional resources not available to the run of the mill retail trader). Do you honestly think that a retail trader can simply copy someone elses system, blindly take the trades and head off to the beach every day while the money rolls in? Why would the large firms spend so much money on R&D if it was that easy. Why would there not be more full time retail traders making millions. It is what is inside the retail trader that makes them successful, not the system.

What makes a retail trader successful is themselves. It is their knowledge of the market, their mindset and psychology, their experience and their intuition, their risk profile, their trading rules, their business plan. Lastly after everything else is in place, the traders system plays a roll.

This forum is a wealth of knowledge. Do some searches, browse around and read everything you can here. Read the journals, read the Psychology section, watch the webinars. But dont just automatically go straight to the system threads.

Good luck.

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