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Anyone here a consistent winner with PROVEN results?

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Anyone here a consistent winner with PROVEN results?

Just wondering, like many traders I'm looking for (and have been for about 3 years...egawd!) a simple system that is profitable on a consistent many traders, I've been hopping from system to system, and right now am testing another one (price action based, using 4H and 1D charts and 2 MA indicators...every month I've been tweaking the parameters but I am still losing, not much but I'm still not 100% convinced this one will work in the medium term...).

Anyways, to cut to the chase, is there a system here in these forums where the initial poster (or a regular user) backs up their results with one of those online chart sites that are hooked up to the MT4 platform? A friend of mine showed me how to do this, and I did at It was a slight pain in the neck to setup, but once I did it, it was awesome to be able to share my results...even though the martingale system I used at the time didn't quite work out as planned...I bailed from using the system even though I only lost 1% of my 5000€ account

What I'm getting at is this: anyone here kicking ass on one of the systems mentioned in these threads here that are also hooked up to one of these websites that can display MT4 results in real time?

I realise that those people who are genuinely profitable are least likely to share their systems as they've "made it", but I still have hope that I can find winners that are willing to SHARE their success using one of those websites which actually show MT4 records in real time on one of these websites...

Peace out and success to all!

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