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Please humor me - auto trading forex techniques with 100% monthly consistency

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Thanks - there are always tricky months where a system that profits in others, struggles in those, such as the usual August lull (though 2012 was ok), too many flat days in December etc. Generally ranging is only profitable for manual traders as I'm yet to see a 12/24 hr automated system that can really cope with this and make a regular return since they're so reliant on bigger moves to make annual profits.

I've been manually trading for some years now so always take my systems live rather than simply relying on backtesting. Having said that, I have found the bar magnifier in MC to be a life saver for debunking intra bar 'HFT' style trading (always a disaster unless you pay zero commission).

Problems I have with live auto trading psychology (bit of a paradox...) would be that if you have a good run up in a month and it surpasses the mean total profit you expect to return per month, whether to cease trading that month or go on and try to make more in order to account for less successful months, the problem with this being that it could go on to give back. Unfortunately I don't think the modern world has been in existence for enough years to come to any kind of empirical answer on this, there are months that start bad and end bad, which would prove you should hold on each month to contra previous losses and wait for the good times, but then there are equal months that run up to the average and finish flat or down. Bah!

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