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TST Combine results and strategies for passing

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Pulsarcap.com They are London based and very scam-ish. You have to make 4K with 1 contract. Seriously? But at least their rules are simple....

Yes I spoke with them and it came to be something like an average of 3.75 to 4.00 ES per day trading 1 contract. Hardly doable by 999 out of 1000 traders.

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I thought the point of the Combine was to find trading talents...

For them maybe, but my current goal as a trader is to develop. Swinging for the fences has gotten me in trouble, and to do so only to then be funded would have potentially disastrous implications for future behavior.

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I guess, but I am not sure 3 days will teach me to do that. Actually, I am not even sure I will ever learn patience...

I don't expect 3 days will teach anybody; rather, I don't think anyone can learn true patience in 3 days. But if you are going to learn, why not start today? And if you are not sure you are going to learn it, save yourself the time and money and just quit now. Prerequisite for success in any endeavor is a desire to overcome obstacles that will present themselves, and it sounds like you are already throwing in the towel.

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The thing with the Combine is, once the trader realizes that the goal of passing can not be reached, there isn't an incentive (beside the refund) to make the effort....Let's say at day #12 you realize that you are way behind the profit goal, you most likely start to swing it to try to catch up, and that's when you go into the red, which is good for TST, because you lose your refund chances....

If everything was about math alone, then you would be correct. But life and behavior cannot be written using a formula. If it were that easy, people wouldn't spend more than they make and go into debt, for example. Successful people in a particular field don't usually behave in self-destructive ways, and that's what you are describing. It is easy for me to recognize because I have done it, and it feels awful and the results prove that it's foolish.

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