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TST Combine results and strategies for passing

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Cashish View Post
This is the most absolute nonsense

I would like to say Hi to the first responder to my very first post on BigMike. How are we doin'?

Now calling something nonsense is good, backing it up with examples and logical argument is better.

I wouldn't want you any where near a live trading account.

That is alright, you are not the backer. Now this part of topic does belong to a different thread, but why TST advertising to complete newbies? See? When you answer that, you might better understand their business model.
But as I said this thread is not about them.

It appears you're having a lot of fun toying around

Maybe so, but is that a problem? I can use the Combine whatever way I want and like, as far as I paid for it, they don't care and if they don't want to offer me anything, that is perfectly fine...

provide a safe learning environment for aspiring traders,

I didn't say I haven't learnt anything. So I think I am using the Combine for the right reason. Also, have you ever heard of a personal challenge?

with a preconceived intention of gaming the system is absolutely ridiculous.

First what I waste my money, is my business. Second it is not a waste if I learn something or enjoy myself. Third, strategizing according the rules is not gaming the system. Counting cards is a perfectly legal (although frowned upon by the casinos) and valid method to gain advantage in black jack. reading your opponent in poker is also a perfectly valid and legal method.

As I mentioned in earlier post, I don't like some of the Combine's rules, but they are what they are. I can't change them. If you want to play the game, you have to follow the rules. I never mentioned anywhere any rule breaking (except maybe the extended trial period).

Several Combiners make the required profit but can't pass the parameters. This thread is for them and I think the list before starting the Combine is very useful, completely by the rules, not to mention just plain common sense.

So if you have a moral problem with this thread, just don't contribute to it, I guess it is not for you. It is for would be Combiners, who want to make the best of their efforts...

Otherwise thanks for the first response...

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