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Anybody heard of topsteptrader (review)

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"Therein lies a truly great trader"

Hi @HollywoodTrader,

Sorry for sounding like a tombstone engraver, but I believe you have truly found yourself and set yourself free from mediocrity with the above post.

In the long run, I believe deep within that making money is a minuscule byproduct when it comes to trading - in fact I even believe in a till-now-unspoken corner that I discovered trading and stuck to it because it stands for the ultimate path to achieving self-realization.

It is said that everybody ultimately gets what they want from the market.

The gamblers get the heady rush.
The scientists get the ultimate mystery to solve with a ready laboratory to test out their hypotheses.
The patient investors get steady growth of wealth and time to enjoy that wealth.
And the scalpers get to know in a few precious moments whether they have achieved self-realization.

Everybody gets some easy money. Everybody who works hard, patiently perseveres, stays sane, and ignores the quick money, that is. Which means that they also ultimately discover that trading is the hardest "easy money" they ever made.

You are one of a kind. We, here at Big Mike's, are proud of you.

If ever there is a 'Trader's Walk of Fame' in LA you are entitled to a star with the title of this post as a readymade engraving.


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