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What is your experience with Nindicators from AlgoNinja.com?

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 Vendor: www.optimusfutures.com 
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I have come to the realizations that many people out there who are in the business of education; indicators, etc simply do not trade. Many of the “gurus” out there or perceived as such, have no practical experience, negative results or very limited experience in real trading and yet paint a picture as if they are experts. Due to this reason I started seeking those with vast live trading experience and share the same with my customers.

Rob the creators of Nindicators has been not only a good a friend for close to a decade, but also engaged me over the years in very intelligent conversations from the psychological aspects of trading to the use of risk management. In fact, he trades, yes, real funds, real money. Therefore, he always had my ear more than many others out there who “love to teach”.

A few years ago I asked Rob to come up with some sort of an educational course to help traders out there. Something that would be practical, and does not just look nice in a sim mode, yet has no application in real life. It took him quite a long time to come up with it as he was working with one of the more serious programmers and something that was suppose to include just a few indicators has evolved to include a very comprehensive library of indicators. To be honest, the manual that comes with this group of indicators is 350 pages and it is quite a slow digestion for me despite the fact that my knowledge in trading is above average (the manual comes with the comprehensive package and there is a separate one for the order flow). Nindicators is about teaching market structure- and market principals that are critical to learning to trade. They use indicators to help people to learn such principals because the concepts are difficult. In this way, the indicators themselves are actually incidental to what Rob is trying to do.

Such principals are covered in the manual and in private webinars done by Rob to teach such principals.

These are not red/green signals rather a manual that could build a foundation to finally develop your own method, and I think that should be the end goal of any trader. Many users have written to us that many of the concepts and ideas in the manual, they have never seen or heard of before. In this way, what is being taught here is entirely unique.

I quite frankly understand and relate to many posts here that show complete frustration in lieu of the experience in the vendor world. But to be honest, many beginners focus on the “method” “signal” etc in trading rooms, mentors, etc. BUT yet skip those who offer tools that explain market foundation, buyers/sellers interaction, value versus price and price psychology.

Prior to the launch of his Nindicators, Rob has created the site of MarketTradersJournal.com: Emini Day Trading Education, Indicators & Market Analysis which to date is 100% free and meant to assist traders without charging a dime. He has written now for a period of nearly 10 months day in and out, and if you actually take the time to dig through it, you will find articles that would be of great help to you as a trader because it does address the things I have mentioned above.

Lastly, you do not have to purchase this course or any other. But, please refrain from personal attacks and generalizations. Optimus and myself offer what we think should help beginner traders to succeed (and I want you to succeed!) but we respect that you might have your own criteria for selections of education and methods.
It is rather sad that we/my associate were called shills, and then to add insult to injury, it was chosen as the answer.
This is my 501 post as a member and I have never resorted to any unethical behavior in all my years here.



PM with any questions about optimusfutures (800) 771-6748 (561) 367 8686. THERE IS A SUBSTANTIAL RISK OF LOSS IN FUTURES TRADING.
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