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List of vendors selling BMT indicators

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just out of interest....

How many of these indicators are genuine creations of the people that put them on (formerly BMT)?

By genuine creation, I mean the idea, design and implementation was done by someone posting here.

Are any of the indicators copies of other people's idea's? You know how it goes - look at something somebody else has done and then code it up.

If these are genuine creations, like the stuff from Gomi, then I would agree this is not good.

On the other hand, if some of these are re-coded versions of commercial/non-commercial inventions, then the smarts, the intellectual property is in the invention and NOT the code. For this category, no-one has had anything stolen.

So - for example, if someone re-coded the BBSqueeze which John Carter et al ripped off from elsewhere (allegedly) and THAT has been copied from (formerly BMT) to elsewhere, I don't think there is any cause for complaint. In fact, it's the guy who did the original work that has cause for complaint with the coders that created the copies and put them here on (formerly BMT).

After all, anyone can code but not everyone can invent.

Interesting. What is an invention? Do you consider an idea to be an invention? Do you consider having an idea means it is your property?
Studies show many people have THE SAME idea at the same moment (one example is startups in Internet). Some will make something out of it, some will not succeed, some won't try to use it. Finally, is an idea worth something? Investors very rarely pay an idea because they don't give it that much value. However they will pay the product, or at least the execution of a proof of concept.
So.... having an idea, being an inventor, is one piece of the idea/invention/product circle you are describing. The coder have a role too. The one you consider copying, or making it better. The seller too. The user too.
Just my 2 cents.

-- The rest is silence
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