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I did trial 4 years ago and saw the value in what he was doing then..he was using range bars...but the emphasis was still on buying the dips and selling the rallies within the intraday trend, market strucuture and price patterns, along with some fractal confirmation from a higher timeframe chart. All very sound methods...and you are right about the positive things you said about having a trading plan, no blow out accounts, daily goals...I liked the idea of confirmation on the close of the bar in the direction of the trade for entry...these were the things that stood out to me when I first sat in...I worked during the day so was unable to really give the NY session daytrading a go...I developed my swing trading method using my pitchfork analysis on the 60min charts, but kept in mind the entry system he was using to get in with tight risk when I took my swing was a great way for me to increase my risk to reward. I wasn't able to join at the time and participate in the I went my way with what I learned there in that short time. I kept sending him my highertimeframe analysis and after a time he asked me if I wanted to post some of it on his members forum to help, which eventually led to a job offer.
I do moderate the room's been about 6 months or so to date. We feature the CL, NQ, Eur/usd, Gbp/Jpy....Great people, good staff with an excellant product. I've been a part of a number of "trials"...Tim Morge at market geometry, outstanding, Paul Coglan at Coglhan Capitol, outstanding, Bill Duryea market profile, outstanding, VSA analysis, outstanding; but as far as ease of execution and consistancy, I really liked what I saw at strategicdaytrading. I can pretty much have anything I want programmed...we came up with an automated pitchfork that prints on the chart for you....looks great, we have a market profile historgram that prints on the chart awesome...amazing new bars we're using that is just crushing the oil and nasdaq markets we are teaching on each day in the live market action...really good stuff and continues to improve as the company grows.
The automated trade ticket chasis is incredible and still being great if you like to automate your strategy or I use it for backtesting to improve my discretionary trading as well as it relates to initial stop loss...b/e triggers...inital hard targets and different length trailing stops,etc for optimizing results. So yes I'm a bit bias when it comes to because I help run things there and teach, but I've been around a bit and seen what's out there and this is where I've landed. I've had offers to trade managed accounts. I teach a higher timeframe analysis class each saturday based on andrew's pitchforks, elliot wave, fibonacci clusters, cycles and momentum. So I'm staying pretty busy. Never implied you as one of those I was refering to with the obvious agenda. I do appreciate your comments as well. Hope this clears the air.

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We can agree that part of the value in forums such as these is being able to read/write fairminded critique of vendors. It is easily discernible who is doing that vs. agenda based mudslinging. My earlier post would be one example of a fair assessment, I was thanked by Jam's developer/moderator as well.
I came back to this topic however because something didn't quite smell right. You say that you trialed 4 years ago and are still active with him. That is quite a long time; I know folks who have earned a J.D. in Constitutional Law in less time. That means one of two things;
1. You paid a lifetime room fee and just linger in his room because trading can be lonely.
2. You are actually on his payroll, which means that your views, as important as they are, just needs an added disclosure for fairness. Wouldn't you agree?

Have you conducted webinars/moderated one of his rooms/benefit financially in any way from Jam, besides benefitting from his teachings?
Thx in advance.

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