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Also they plainly tell you don't run it in the blind, but run it in conjunction with what the market may be telling you . For example if the market has a huge run, the next day may well be consolidation, and don't try and run it. At least in the other thread, Zoe insisted that wasn't valid and you should run it all the time.

So the Viper guys say their autotrading systems should be used with price action? How do you run an AT while watching the price action? Run an ATM strat with it? I am confused about that but I am not a strat guy so I don't know how that works.

In an effort to be fair and balanced per Peter's request, one could always go back and filter out the consolidation days as no trade days. Zoe, would we still be seeing losing days if we did that?

But then that brings up an interesting point. The Viper guys tell us we shouldn't trade on Z days if we are trading in conjunction with what the market is telling us. If you can spot Z days every week or month then you don't need Viper anyway. They are assuming the trader already understands which way the market is going.

On the other hand, we all have to find a style that fits our personalities. For you Peter, this Viper style may fit everything you like because I noticed you acknowledged it a few weeks back as well. WTG to keep to a system and not change anything.

I think this happens with everyone. We don't realize that we are actually paying more attention to S/R levels, breakouts, and trendline breaks, etc., than the indicators/ systems. If we don't take a step back, we may think its the indicators we are using that are telling us when to get in, but in actuality, we just got better at reading price. We manipulated the system of indicators to work for us with price action and trick our minds into thinking that they really work when they are on our charts. In the end though, we may realize (at least I did) that most successful trades we make occur when we were watching something other than the indicator or system itself.

I guess if we know that we tricked ourselves into making a commercial system work for us, then it isn't so bad. I think the bad part is seeing someone successfully sell a product they know is faulty. As a result, some feel quite passionately that these types should be exposed for the snakes they are. I don't feel that passionately about it because I know it when I see it. Many of the uneducated or ignorant will throw money at it without thinking, so I tend to passively believe that those types may need to just pay for the product and learn the hard way because no one will convince them otherwise. I don't think the Viper guys are ultimately targeting knowledgeable guys like Peter. I mean it seems like you knew what you were getting when you bought it and are making it work for you.

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