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There is no fair or balanced when predator types are involved . You see , its fair to say that all of these types of vendors or " educators " have no remorse if they sell or lease or rent you their ideas and "you cant make them work " so the balance is totally in their favor . Its too bad that the uninformed have to lose a fortune or anything for that matter to learn that easy money doesnt exist .

Hi Eric j

Lets be a bit fair here. Those that think there is such a thing will lose money no matter what. Ask yourself, how anyone can be foolish enough to fall for the Nigerian Scam letters, but many do.

When it comes to trading, there are two big if's. 1) Does it work, and 2) Can I make it work. In the first category, I remember a dude selling a manual system for $20000. Promised the moon. I told him no way I'd spend that on an system I couldn't try. He then tried to get me to give him $2000 for a month, and I still said no. Finally we settled on a one week trial, for $200. That I went for out of curiosity. He sent it to me, and gave me his current signals. When I loaded up, there was no way, I could match his signals to the screen. I called to ask, and he said he'd lost that data. End of that story.

In the no. 2 category, I know a fellow, and subscribed to his service. It worked, and I could paper trade it fine. But the risks it entailed just didn't fit me, and I could never trade it.

So there are these two issues.

So in many way's the Viper guy's are better then many. Some insist on you giving them thousands of dollars to find out it doesn't work, or you can't make it work. The viper guy's will give you a week free trial, and then you go monthly, so you can give it up after a month.

Also they plainly tell you don't run it in the blind, but run it in conjunction with what the market may be telling you . For example if the market has a huge run, the next day may well be consolidation, and don't try and run it. At least in the other thread, Zoe insisted that wasn't valid and you should run it all the time.

I just don't see these guy's as nearly as bad as they are being made out here, and there are others that are really bad, and nothing is said.

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