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There is no fair or balanced when predator types are involved . You see , its fair to say that all of these types of vendors or " educators " have no remorse if they sell or lease or rent you their ideas and "you cant make them work " so the balance is totally in their favor . Its too bad that the uninformed have to lose a fortune or anything for that matter to learn that easy money doesn't exist .

I agree Eric.

But doesn't having ethics cut both ways?

In the case of Viper Trading Systems, they only portray the occasions when the products have a win and never a loss. My email box is full of hype and promotion with video and all when these guys lay claim to winning trades. It leads the unsuspecting reader to think this stuff is an ATM, when, if you look at the hard data as pictured in this thread, these so called "tools" are consistent losers.

Years back, the tobacco industry had everyone believing cigarettes were good and hip--a life enhancer--when they very well knew the product was a killer. It took a whistle blower to expose the truth and now the public is much better off because of that.

Although not a perfect analogy, I feel the same thing is being done in this forum and thread, albeit to a much smaller but more focused audience.

If I'm wrong and off base, let's have Charles Boyle, Gary Donahoo and Rich Staition, (who I'm sure read this thread with great interest) come here and refute me and what I've presented.

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