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Indicator Warehouse use BMT indicators?

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san antonio usa
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Hi Mike and Traders

I just wanted to put my two cents worth in here if I may do so.
I would like to say for the record that Adam and I have worked together in the past. At one point in our working relationship not too long ago I did take issue with some things and Adam and I had a difference of opinion that was at the time irreconcilable in my mind.

As I have now found myself at a different place as a Trader however than I was even six months ago, I have accepted the fact that indeed many of the techniques I use are my own spin on something that someone else taught me somewhere along the line over the past nearly fifteen years now. I have seen many indicators evolve from their original format with drastic improvements from one generation to the next. I have really been thinking about all of the allegations that vendors seem to make against one another and sometimes traders make against vendors, of copy catting. I am wondering is it really such a bad thing? I mean there is outright stealing which I think we can all agree is not good. And then there is taking an idea and making it better. Isn't that why we have cell phones now? cell phones that can take videos and allow people to video conference from their golf carts to the other side of the planet? It's called progress as long as you play by the rules.

So with that thought in mind I made it a point to speak with Adam recently after I saw this post where someone went so far as to outright call Adam a thief. I also made it a point to talk to the person that made the post in order to find out what indicator was stolen. I really need to know that the allegations are true since I am a part of the thread albeit PRIOR to the time that the above statement was posted.

Here is what I found out... The person who posted that Adam is a thief says that he or she cannot remember what indicator it was as it was two years ago. And this person does not talk to the friend whose indicator was allegedly stolen. OK Fair enough..

Adam offered me the only explanation he could come up with which was basically that he has no idea who this person is, or what they are talking about but would certainly appreciate hearing from this person directly in order to hear the charges that have been made against him here on this forum. I think that too is a fair response and that certainly any reasonable and unbiased person would agree.

So these were the responses I received, now here is my opinion... I believe that Adam is NOT A THIEF based on what this person who has called him one has posted on here. There seems to be no support to that.

I believe that my differences with Adam were perhaps clouded with emotions at the time and that I drew a hard line in the sand in terms of how I defined an event that took place at the time. My comments were stronger than they needed to be. Therefore I do not believe that Adam is a thief based on the disagreement that we had either.

Those are two issues that I can speak to. In terms of how the situation was handled regarding anything else I have to leave that to Mike and Adam. Mike has a very good handle on how things are done here at (formerly BMT) and I respect him as a human and as the gatekeeper of the (formerly BMT) Community and Forum. Adam has also shown fine leadership qualities in the past and has a proven record of success and achievement. I believe that with two individuals as bright and talented as these two guys that anything is possible and I certainly hope for a good outcome for all in the future.

All the best

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