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Unfair and actually not correct

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I was with JAM more than 6 months involved in his Black Belt program and also the Automatic Trading at the begining of 2011.
Together with his son he ran the Black Belt program until he (son) left this business and open his own non trading business (guess why) . At that time me and other which were interesting only on manual trading had to switch to automation since practically we had no support for manual trading JAM being absorbed to test his automation tools and becoming obvious he can not run 2 trading rooms and conduct the Black Belt program anymore.

The automatic trading was a failure with very few days in profit. He used to trade 4-5 instruments and if one of them was in profit the day before that one would be weighted the next day with no mention of the sum of P/L for all the instruments.
I finally quit but kept an eye on his site because thought the manual system had a chance
When he started again with the manual system he used to put on his site the performance of this system and updated daily.
Soon this trade log was not anymore available on the site.(again, guess why)
My conclusions:
1.careless teacher tempted to see his own path not the one of his students
2. over priced provider
3. lack of proof the system is consistently profitable (certified trade log of a live account)
4. over complicated system

Hi Sir

What you are writing here is really very old stuff (starting 2011) and should not be published here, see Home

JAM's new MMA system with the new AutoTraderProIII is one of the simplest and best system I know and ever used (I started trading 2004 and I'm trading for living and it's going better and better especially since 3 weeks when I start using the new JAM MMA System and Autotrader III.

Please take MMA free trail and afterwards you should come back and give an objective commentary and report after a 1 week trial with the new JAM MMA Systems..

Thanks Heinz

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