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Indicator Warehouse use BMT indicators?

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Guys n gals how ye doing. I have no clue what's going on with this stuff but I can say I've asked Mike about what's gone on in the past and I haven't got much of an answer yet or proof of thievery.

I was worried about it because I am interested in their indicators.

So not one to be biased I emailed Adam about the details in here and he was quite open about discussing it. So after a couple of demos I bought some DTS stuff... I'm happy with their performance on sim so far... And I'm still in touch with Adam and he is genuinely worried about his reputation in here. However I am by no means connected, I am a consumer of the indicators and it remains so. I will say in your defender here they could be a good bit cheaper but I managed to cut a bit of a deal. Hopefully it will all work out when I start to trade live.

From my point if view, I know what it's like to be scammed... By The erroneous Joseph James but When I talk about it in trade 2 win forums I give exact evidence and details of the scam. Check out the trade2win frms for that one.

Maybe this is harder to prove but if open source code is out there people just might get ideas from it?
It's not like a major thing, or is it? I know from doing websites I grab bits if code from anywhere..HTML or otherwise.

Anyway my point is I was in a conundrum weather to try a lot of open source indicators here and spend time putting a system together myself. Or buy one that's been back tested and at least claims it works.

So after my due diligence that I have mentioned earlier, I went with DTS. And so far happy with results ... It's really all I can say, I have no idea about the rest of the stuff said here to be completely honest and I have no problem discussing things. Mike forum is fantastic place for information and I'm happy with DTS.

Anyways I'm conspiracast on Pro Traders Unite Skype channel if anyone wants to chat... Cheers.

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