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In the sense of fair and balanced, I am not sure what is going on in this thread is all that ethical either.

If you are truly trying to warn people about the dangers of AT's then there are a lot of them out there. Why not review all the one's on Ninja's site. Why just Viper. It's almost like you have some kind of personal agenda, which calls into question your objectivity.

Also from the timing of release of their recommendations, you either are on the inside, have a contact on the inside or have some way of getting info almost immediately. Not the highest standards of ethical conduct in my opinion.


PS No I don't use the autotraders, cause I don't like them myself.

Everything in this thread is fair and ethical. In fact, it's overly fair. Why? Because it gives information to the public that they wouldn't be privy to unless they spent their money to find out. And I'm not breaking any laws. All the information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. And if it weren't, I imagine Viper would come here and challenge it at the very least.

I'm helping to educate prospective consumers.

True, there are many AT on Ninja, but this is the only one I'm familiar with so here it is.

P.s. And since this is your second post of this nature, I question your real motivations.

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