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The Money Clock (

Market patterns can manifest themselves in a number of ways. One way is time - seasonally, time of month, time of week, time of day, etc. The Money Clock was built to help identify patterns based on duration of a directional bias. To get a better idea of what it's doing, check out this short video:

Basically, you can examine your market or markets to see if there is a tendency to rise or fall at a given time of day for specified amount of time. You can configure things like market, move duration, accuracy, look back period, and whether it should look for buys, sells, or both.

But what's that mean? How is this useful? Could you take trades based on the results? Last thing first, you'd have to figure out for yourself if you want to base trades off the results. The utility I see is an ability to increase the odds of an existing or hypothesized trading pattern. If I've got a long setup, I can run some tests via The Money Clock (TMC) and find out if there are times that are historically more or less favorable. It may be that lately, the odds are heavily against longs if placed within the 9:00 hour. I may still take the trade, but I will do so knowing the odds of winning during this timeframe are actually less than than those of the setup as a whole. You can also use the results to look for potentially untapped opportunities or unexplored markets. I see a ton of value in being able to reduce risk, fortify an edge, and diversify my trading. And I've only tinkered with TMC for a couple hours.

Anyone on (formerly BMT) who knows anything about me knows that I place a lot of value on the service and responsiveness I get from vendors. Greg at TraderVue epitomizes what I'm referring to. Well, I'm pretty sure I've discovered Greg's long lost brother. The man behind The Money Clock's curtain is Miles Dunbar. I just signed up for the Trial Membership yesterday and emailed Miles with a couple questions. In less than an hour, he responded. After digging in a bit and running several tests against multiple markets, I built a short list of ideas, things I thought would be useful to all users. I emailed them to Miles and, again, in less than an hour he replied. The list of ideas included four suggestions. Miles' responses ranged from "It's in the works" to "I'll add it tonight". Within a couple hours, guess what? It had been added. Miles, you sir, have just increased your client list by one.

Speaking of becoming a client, after the two-week Trial, you have the non-automatic subscription options: futures/commodities for $50/month, Forex for $50/month, or get both futures and Forex for $75/month. That's pennies a day. If you trade the ES, that's one point per month. I think a lot of people have the perspective of "I'd have to make an extra point just to pay for the service." And that's fine if you see it that way. I see it as "I bet I can use this to decrease the odds of losing at least a point per week." Luckily, it gets even better. If you subscribe for the year, it's $264. Don't worry, I'll break it down: $22/month. Yup. Less than HALF an ES point per month. Ridiculousness.

To quote Skyy (The Tipsy Bartender): And there you have it! Go check it out and sign up for the two-week trial. You've got nothing to lose and might just walk away with some new insight into your trading strategies.

Note: Miles confirmed that he has some videos in the works. He's also finishing up a user's guide.

Caveat: Since there's about 1937841098 members here at (formerly BMT) there is no way I can promise Miles will implement or consider every suggestion thrown his way. In fact, I had several other ideas but opted to go for what I considered the most universally applicable.

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