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Indicator Warehouse use BMT indicators?

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From what I followed, Matt's latest methodology using MTP on was to setup MTP Market Analyzer for 3min, 5min, 8min and 13min timeframes.

When there were setups for two or more different timeframes in the same direction for the same market at the same time in the Market Analyzer window, he entered using the setup on the lowest timeframe.

He never doubled up positions in the same market on different timeframes but allowed for positions in all 4 US e-minis at the same time, although they are highly correlated.

I believe that he switched to the MTP ATR trailing stop, once the MTP ATR stop broke through the original entry price. I don't believe that he used the wave price targets (WPT) to exit trades.

I recall that his results were based on trading the US e-minis, 6E and FDAX during US market hours.

I have been testing this method for the US e-minis, 6E, 6B, 6C during US market hours for the past month.

Based on over 100 trades, I've seen a positive expectancy.



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