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Shadowtraders system. Scam or real? (

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And another way to look at it, is a lot of retired people pretend to be trader when they are really hobbyists, just look to pass the time and make a few nickels. I know some first hand. They talk good game and have no cattle for that big hat they are wearing.

Contrary to my previous post in this post I would like to address the comments by @dandxg

I can not speak for the retired people that you either know or met at whatever it is you attend that gives you your opinion. Maybe it's accurate and maybe it's not. I can speak for myself and other retired (or near retirement) people that I know that trade or are attempting to learn to trade.

Most of us probably did not retire from a trading profession. Like you, many of us are interested in making money but, in our case it is probably more for the purpose of supplementing our incomes so that we can enjoy whatever remains of our time on this planet. So yes, we may be trading for nickles as you put it rather than dollars, which you might be after. However, what you might be missing is that our needs are not like yours. Many of us have downsized our homes, our children are out of college and on their own, those that are lucky enough have their houses paid off, etc. Does that mean we are any less serious about our trading. I for one am not. Maybe there are those that are hobbyists, not unlike doctors, airline pilots, or whomever that have another profession and also trade. Would you call them hobbyists too?

Maybe they are looking to set themselves up for a second career when they retire, supplement their income from their full time or part time job that's just not making it, or maybe just having a backup plan should the bottom fall out of their existing job or career.

Consider that I may not be willing to spend long hours at a computer to make dollars if I can spend a lot less time and make the nickles I need. This is very clearly ones' priority on time vs. money, and for those of us that have made it to this point in our lives (you may want to consider the possibility that you may not, and if you do that your opinions may change, and if they don't that it may not be in your best interests), time is very important to us. Personally if had enough money to meet my meager needs and a bit more, trading is not a hobby I would choose. I for one do not want , desire, or need that kind of stress especially in my later years. I spend a lot more time reading, learning, and practicing trading then I really want to. That is the only way I can even hope to become good enough to make my nickles. Because my target is nickles instead of dollars doesn't mean I am not serious in what I do. One size in anything does not fit all.

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