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Update to Post#72

I wrote an more extensive review in a previous post #72...(August 2011).
.....(not gonna repeat everything, so if you haven't read that post, please do so)......

.....(also, please remember that everyone learns and responds differently, so your experience with the same group or training may differ from mine)

Since the initial review, several things have occurred that prompt this update.
First, there appears to have been personnel changes at TI. Specifically, the 'moderator' I mentioned in my prior post, is no longer affiliated with TI. Because that moderator was one of the few bright spots in my review of the TI approach, his leaving clearly downgrades my review.

Secondly, from a somewhat limited current view....(I spend more time on my own personal trading these days than I spend looking at my old trading rooms).....there appears to be a difference in skill level and attention to basic price action between the Australian TI group and the US TI group. This implies that the Australian TI room (depending on who is moderating) has a better grasp of basic price action, as compared to the US based room. This also implies that unless a US student plans on trading wee hours of the morning to take advantage of the Australian room...(meaning FDAX or other Euro markets)....they may not realize the benefit.

I will continue to check back occasionally on TI, and if I see improvement and changes I will re-post again.
Until then however, here is my latest opinion.

My initial review did not consider TI as a particularly strong choice....but at this point, I have to downgrade that review even further.

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