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Viper has released their official guidance on how to best set parameters to trade ScalperAT. In fairness to Viper, I will post back test results using NT 6.5 and the suggested recommendations as sent to Viper AT subscribers. I will simply present the data and withhold my opinion or recommendation.

Pictured below are the performance data, equity curve, and parameters for ViperScalperFutures6E (Globex, Euro FX) trading one contract with a 4 Range chart. Trading started at 12:05 AM PST and ended 11:00 AM PST. With a profit target of 10 ticks and a stop loss of 12 ticks, Viper suggested a daily "net win" of three trades and a maximum daily loss of $500. If either of those situations occur, the system would stop trading for the session.

For the period starting 11/21/09 and ending 2/19/10, the system generated 420 trades resulting in a loss of $1975 before commissions and subscriber fees. Proforma commission expense at $4.00 per trade was $1680, and subscriber fees were $897, for a total expense of $2577.

Result: this system LOST $4552 after commissions and subscriber fees.

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